James wears 3 hats. Not the cowboy/ trilby / deerstalker kind (although how great would that be!). But more 3 roles. Yeah that’s better. Roles.


Hat 1. The Deerstalker 

James is Global Head of Emerging Platforms and Partnerships at LEGO Group part of the Digital Consumer Engagement division, James Poulter is pursuing new technologies, platforms and partners to build digital consumer engagement with LEGO customers, shoppers and consumers on a global basis.

James previously was the Social Lead for LEGO’s social network for Kids, LEGO Life – which launched globally in 2017 and has since grown to over 1m active users regularly posting their content to the world’s first global and safe social network for kids. 

As well as devising and developing social features such as LEGO Life’s emoji keyboard, custom characters and moderation systems, James oversaw the launch of LEGO’s global partnership with GIPHY leading the LEGO channel to accrue over 1 Billion GIF views in it’s first year.

 Photo by opolja/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by opolja/iStock / Getty Images

Hat 2. The Trilby

Outside of work, James consults with technology start ups, emerging online businesses and communities to help them develop strategic innovations and business models.

Looking for help in this area? Email consulting@jamespoulter.co.uk

James Poulter Technology Speaker

Hat 3. The Cowboy

James is a regular keynote speaker and writer on subjects such as playful culture, the role of technology and AI in work and home and the intersect between faith and technology.

He is also the host and producer of Signal - a podcast for The MediaNet, check out the latest episodes and subscribe below.

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