Extend and Experience: Social Networking - The Future

Thanks to Gemma Went from Red Cube Marketing for bringing this to my attention: Reposting here for y'all. Written by Charlene Li from Altimeter

[slideshare id=2901559&doc=sfama1-12-10-100113005615-phpapp01]

Personally I feel that Charlene may be overstating the opportunity for social TV, (i.e. through the TV in your living room) and Mobile will certainly be making more than just in roads!

However what I do love about this preso is her summary of measuring the right things.

It will be imperitive in 2010 for us/agencies/clients to measure their social network engagement in the same way that they measure any other programme - your metrics are determined by your goals. Set them early and stick to them (but don't be afraid to adapt ;-))