A thought on getting married...

On June 26th 2010, I married my Best Friend. The New Mrs Holly Linda Poulter.

A cliché I know but it truly was the best day of my life, for so many reasons. Something struck me as I was waiting for Holly to arrive at the church, I was stood watching all different people from my life, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, brothers and sisters in Christ, all arriving in the same building.

It's not something to take for granted, as I said in my speech on the day, and as spoken by my brother and friend Denis Adide (http://www.denisadide.com) at his own wedding, it's not very often you get all those people that love you in one room at one time. It's something that should be cherished, a moment that will not be repeated, as my Granddad Reg put it, "a unique occasion".

It was a stark reminder that for all our communications, for all our "social networks", for our connectedness, you still can't replace getting in a room with those you love and are loved by, singing a few songs, having a dance and eating some cake.

I suppose that's what community really is. And the best part - I get to come home to the centre of my community every day - when I look into the eyes of my beautiful wife.