Resting Easy: Lesson 1 from Scout the Kitten

This Valentines Day has been spent at home getting the newest addition to our home settled in: Scout - The Kitten. It's been less that 24 hours but already she is teaching the wife and I an awful lot. This may seem obvious, however being the first cat I've had I don't think I had quite noticed just how easily they fall asleep - and just how much time they spend doing it!

P1000846 I often say to our team at Lexis, and friends that - as important our work is, we don't work in a life and death industry (despite sometimes what it may feel like!). I've always tried to keep this perspective on things because if lose sight of the that small but very important fact our ability to rest well and rest easily can very easily begin to unravel.

When God called Moses to lead the people of Israel through the desert to the promised land - he too got caught up in the details - so much so that he lost sight of God's leading, and his promises to be with Moses and the people of Israel. God said: "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

When we lose perspective of the bigger picture, of God's promises to us - we very quickly begin to feel out of control, to feel anxious or overwhelmed. In our always on, push update, hyper connected world we could all do with taking a lesson out of little scouts book - seek God's presence and learn to rest easy.