This is testament to the fact

This is testament to the factThat IM no acrobat No lyrical gymnast No active satirist Or satiric activist Of passive pacifist
By taking a stand I don't need to stand Or take a seat in a power For there is no power in a seat Or those who sit
Only those who refuse to stop Or go where no one else will Who will take the red and the blue pill Head down the rabbit hole and climb back up to see it spill Out in living water A well spring of beauty and perfection With a broken inflection Of the pain at the bottom of the pit Where the quark is split between the changeable and the in hanging One that can change it all and back again
Because power is like sinking sand The deeper you get in the deeper you dig to get out So if I sink in the sand or stand on the pillar Im still no further along to the killer instinct that you need to rule the world