Knowing how to turn things off

SLL - Sunday Latte LamentationsFollowing on the conversation from today's post from my good friend Scott Gould (and his mate Ian) I share with you my 3 productivity tips for today!

1. Reading something inspiring keeps the mind active, it gives you focus and direction.

I am currently working through the wonderful 80's classic book "Money, Sex, Power" by the fantastic pastor Richard Foster (author of Celebration of Discipline) - just picking up a couple of nuggets that get the brain juices flowing on a daily basis is sometimes all it takes to get the creativity and productivity flowing.

2. Think about getting an iPad (or some useful desktop widgets!

Using "Things" on the iPad has completely consolidated my mish-mash approach to task management up until now, and Evernote being always with me makes finding things much easier.

Also check out some of these great little nuggets:

Off Switch

3. Knowing how to turn things off is crucial.

What I mean by this is knowing that things do have a Off button, and you can choose to press it. You change choose to tune out. And you should.

We often forget that the world will not end if we don't check in, tweet, email or text for a couple of hours, or even a couple of weeks.

The more we learn to switch off for appropriate amounts of time, the more productive we are when things are turned on!

Over to you...

What makes you more productive? What tools do you use? Are you more creative when you are being productive or more productive when you are being creative?

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