An ode to the Boris bike (Poem)

The dazzling lights of boris' bikesThat twinkle and sparkle under canopies Of silver and golden light Encased in glass atop of spires Remind me that autumn is here.

As cranes flight by With wings held aloft Down serpentines lowly spine The graceful birds break the stillness As I feel it in my thighs.

We see tonight that summer is gone The gravel speaking of hibernation And the toppling conquerers Drip from the boughs In the expanse of Jekyll's nemesis.

Countdown to 140Conf London

So just under a week away from 140 Character Conference London. Which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Joining me on the brand panel at around 12PMish will be Rachel Fellows, Corp. Comms director at Kelloggs - you can find her on twitter @KelloggsUK. I also have the privaledge of welcoming Mike Matherson (@mikemath), CEO of Cake Group to the stage and Mauricio Samayoa from wearesocial to join the panel aswell.

For those of you who haven't yet signed up to come along you can get a 50% discount with my "friend of speaker" code, click here to use it.

Thank you to all of you who contributed your suggestions, in particular @jangles and @brynmorgan.

As a result check out:










@waterstones - all as a good starting point!

If you have any questions for the panel don't forget to DM me or submit a comment here!

And finally for those who missed it check out for the full line up!