How Google Chrome is capturing clicks through capturing hearts

Last  year I wrote about how I think we need to make our communications more inspirational - in the world of earthquakes, global recession and famine (I know cheery post for a Friday this one) - we can be convinced that the only way of getting noticed is by telling people about the awful thing that is going on, or is being done by someone else.

Scaremongering seems to sell papers (if you have EVER read the Daily Mail you know what I mean) - but it seems that capturing hearts and minds through inspirational, creative and warming content is winning the battle for our online attention. The above example from Google Chrome is one of series of ads for the browser that takes a simple tale of a father documenting the life of his daughter to show the merits of Google Chrome and GMail.

Why I Love This:

For all the bad mouthing that goes on about Google (data mining, privacy infringement, blah blah blah) there is one thing that Google does seem to understand, how to capturing the imagination of it's users. More over - how to capture the hearts of it's users. It seems there is an in built sense in us to seek out the beauty of the world, to seek out love - maybe we need a little more of that in our communications, on TV and in the papers too. Surely that's the kind of story you would recommend?

Over To You:

What stories have you seen recently where people are trying to capture hearts rather than just appealing to heads?