How Flexible Displays May Change Finally Crack eReading

One of the complaints often thrown at eReaders by avid book lovers is there lack of that tangible feel of paper - that rustle of the turning page. Well all that may be set to change for the better is these flexible displays go into mainstream production. With the ability to bend like paper, using a clever set of resistance based sensors, the display can use different "bend gestures" to operate the display.

This, if implemented say in a flexible Kindle (I'll take the copyright for that Amazon - thanks) may evolve into flicking the corner of a page to advance a "location" in a book, or a simple bend could switch the track or shuffle the songs you are listening too.

Over to you:

Have you taken up using an eReader?

Is the experience close enough to reading on paper to make you switch?

What other clever things could be done with bend gestures?