Holy Saturday: Why I love hindsight

From the darkness comes a light, I hear your voice and this is my awakening

Today is Holy Saturday, the quietest, maybe saddest day of the year. Well 2000 years ago, on that day of mourning and silence it was. Filled with nothing but the emptiness of a missing Saviour.

The disciples and much of Jerusalem had been expecting Jesus to come in - the triumphant king who was going to overthrow the rule of the Roman's. Instead they had his tattered clothes, pieces of wood drenched in tissue, blood and sinew and a cold hard tomb.

Today when we think of Holy Saturday I think we lose the impact of just how it must have felt for those who had been following Jesus around for 3 years, listening to him teach.

Today we have the beautiful viewpoint of hindsight, the ability to see past the emptiness of Holy Saturday to the glorious and triumphant return of the King on Easter Sunday.

We live in the light of The Empty Tomb.

Hindsight often get's a bad wrap, so often we talk about situations that went horribly wrong, we use words like "if only we had known then that..." - but today - well I'm glad that we know that both the Cross and the Tomb are empty.