The Day #FordSMAX Froze Senate House, London

Last night I was invited along by the wonderful Kaitlyn Wilkins to the #FordSMAX tweetup at the Ford Freezes London Event at Senate House in Holborn. The video above will give you a glimpse at what happened but it really doesn't do justice to the actual experience. The brand projected the images of a climber scaling an ice wall that was projected onto Senate House in Holborn, London.

The whole event was an amazingly immersive experience, mixing 3D projection, live theatre and high end technology, put on by the fantastic visual arts collective Seeper who have created other amazing spectacles including the recent ACDC v. Iron Man 2 projection mapping of Rochester Castle.

The thing that made the whole thing really sing was the interactive elements that the crowd could get involved with. Other than chatting to some of the "stranded" ice explorers, or petting the odd husky dog that came by, you could also use Seepers laser pointers (which looked more like Star Ship Enterprise battleguns) to digitally "cut" sections out of the ice wall projection, live as the film played on the looming walls of Senate House.

All in all a great experience, and thanks to the Ford team for the beers ;-)