Reforecasting: Embracing The Cuts


Its this time of year that most businesses take a look at their finances. The infamous - H2 reforecast. With 1 half of the year done and dusted, it's time to take stock of all you have done so far and make the necessary cut backs or spending changes needed to make that target.

Of course more often that not in business, we end up at this point of the year cutting back rather than spending more.

It's time to trim the fat.

Being told to cut back doesn't really suit my personality all that much. It's not like me to want to do less. To say no. It's just not in my nature. But as we look down the pipe of the rest of this year, this mid way point, maybe there is something to be said for cutting back here and there.

Cutting back forces decision making.

It makes us take stock of all we have. And all we have done.

All we have achieved. And all we could achieve.

When Jesus called the first disciples he goes to see the fisherman and performs a miracle of plenty. They put down their nets on the other side of the boat and Jesus gives them the biggest of catches.

And then Jesus says to Simon,

“Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” (Luke 5:10 NIV).

Nice story right. What an easy thing for Simon to say yes to right> He just saw someone give him a huge haul!


Here Jesus asks them to follow him. Meaning in their case, walking away from their trade, their jobs and ultimately as was the case for all of them in the end, their lives - all for the Kingdom.

That is some cut back. That is some H2 reforecast.

Sometimes Jesus asks us re-evalutate our priorities. Where we spend our time, our money. What relationships we choose to invest in. And which we let run their course.

The call is a difficult one - but comes with a gift - FOCUS.

Sometimes we need to be told to cut back - to see what we should increase in.

Choosing to stop working with that one client, may give you the head space to find that bigger, better relationship down the road, the less bloated, more profitable one.

Choosing to cut back your bar bill, or one of the 7 different media streams you subscribe to - may give you the time to invest in reading the bible or a good book, to pray, and reflect on what you do consume.

Choosing to loose a little weight, or stop buying the junk you end up eating, may give you the hunger you need to try something new.

We all could do with a little reforecasting once in a while - because if we don't revisit our visions, our goals or desires frequently enough - well then what is the point in trying to achieve them at all.

So embrace the cuts - like the farmer who goes after the juiciest fruit in the brambles. Sometimes the scars are worth the effort. They remind us that we are still trying.