Using Facebook to get noticed: He Wants A Job

Screen shot 2011-01-27 at 13.40.26

Yesterday afternoon I pressed refresh on Facebook for the 14th time that particular hour and was greeted by a little advert that caught my eye. The ad block was from a young PR Pro in London, looking for a job, according to his advert at Ogilvy (my old employer).

The link from this ad took me to his online CV produced using Visual CV which further explained he was looking for a job at Ogilvy & Mather as he respected the agencies work and wished to move his career towards marketing and advertising in particular.

Out of interest I gave the bloke a ring (his phone number was on the CV - not necessarily something I would advocate for privacy reasons, but each to their own). He asked to remain anonymous as he was still currently employed at another London based PR agency - A risky strategy I pointed out to him as he may have little idea if any of his fellow colleagues had worked at Ogilvy (I seem to bump into someone on a daily basis that has) at some point or another - and therefore, due to the nature of Facebook's advertising system, see his ad.

With the exception of the slight issue of being caught touting for work by your current employer, I think his use of the platform was ingenious. Is this something we will see more of? I hope so.

Here at Lexis we have just launched our Grad Scheme, and this year we have changed the application process - asking grads to try their hand at getting the attention of our recruitment team - so if you think you've got what it takes check out the Lexis Website for more info.