Social Platforms For Dummies

You may ask yourself - what about Social Networks? Well you are right to ask that. The primary reason I have not included them in this list is because there is something bigger going on with the primary social platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and in a sense Twitter.

As we have seen from the recent announcement from the big 3, these "social networks" are moving in a different direction - that direction is platforms. What developments like Facebook Connect and @anywhere show us is a movement by these companies to a platform model, one where you don't visit their site, they come with you as you surf the web.

This difference is key, and a departure from what many of the services I mention in this Prezi are trying to do, they remain destinations rather than conduits.

During the discussion at Alfred Place that ensued after I delivered this presentation to the staff here at Biss on Friday, and interesting quesiton arose, how many more platforms / hubs can the web truly accomodate. This not entirely is do with size, but more around the need for so many different hubs and spokes.

I don't think we really have an answer right now to that question, but what I think I see happening is very similar to what happened in the world of commercial radio, and to a certain extent cable television and the newspapers before them.

Some of you will know this is a question that I have been exploring for a while, something I call "The Gutenburg Effect", where a technological change users in a communication explosion, followed by a period of consolidation. I think we still are going through a period of mass expansion at the moment, which we will soon see contract and consolidate. How and when that will happen, well I suppose that's up to you...

Vouchacha - A recession beating iPhone App!

Location Based Food Vouchers for your iPhone - VouChaCha The voucher code trend has taken London by storm in recent months, anyone who is anyone seems to have used at least 3 Pizza Express vouchers for 2-4-1 pizzas in recent months, let alone the likes of Strada, La Tasca and many other chain, not quite fast food franchisees to boot.

A second trend has been the massive uptake of the wonderful iPhone (of which, yes i am a proud and addicted owner) and the massive expansion of the app store serving every mobile based pleasure you can get your grubby little mitts on.

So what happens when you take the magic equasion of food voucher codes + location based iPhone tech? The Answer: VouChaCha!

A friend of mine who has been working on the back end of this for a couple of months now, and they are near to a BETA version which you can go and take a look at here.

In their own words "VouChaCha instantly delivers vouchers that you can use, wherever you are... Direct to you mobile phone." - Brilliant for techno-foodies like myself.

A few others exist in the market place, but seem to have crappy interfaces ("London Offers & Vouchers") and as such are poorly rated, but this looks like it will be much better - at least sleeker.

Yes this may seem like a blatant plug (you can pay me later Alan) but it's not - I genuinely think this is brilliant, so go sign up for the BETA test email and you can stay tuned because this really looks cracking!