Church, Twitter & Trinity [Audio & Slides]

A couple of weeks ago now I had a great opporunity to share some of my recent thinking on social media for the church - how it affects our attention, our understanding of truth and of relationships - with the wonderful people at All Saints Church, Peckham Below is the audio and slides of that night! Enjoy.

James Poulter @All Saints Peckham - Sociality by jamespoulter

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Life in a multiscreen reality

Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies
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If you have watched any live or as live programming on the BBC as of late you will likely seen a little symbol and a what could appear to the untrained eye a combination of randomly assorted characters. #bbcqt #bbctbq #HIGNFY Any of those ring a bell? The learned amongst you will of course know these are the apple of the social media maven's eye - the humble hashtag is taking over the world on programme, concert, live event and wedding at at time (that's right - I went to a wedding that had it's own tag on Saturday - check out the #teambu stream).

All of this is to encourage something that the Beeb are very keen on - a multi-screen viewing experience or MVE. As outlined in the presentation above from German design studio Precious Forever - MVE is not quite as simple as whacking a #tag on the opening credits of a TV programme - and although MVE may well be another contributing factor to my Social ADD, but it does provide a new - more social kind of viewing experience.

In pre TV days (I am told) people would sit around the wireless in the living room and listen to programmes together - it was a social experience, one enjoyed by a family unit. I wonder if the increase in TV channels embracing MVE's are trying to drive us back to that more social way of consuming mediums which have become ever more individualist, be it TV, YouTube of video games.

Time-shifting technology such as TiVo and Sky+ have given us the ability to watch whatever we want whenever we want it - no more hassling over who has the remote, no more having to sit through Countdown with Mum waiting for Deal or No Deal to come on - and as much as these tech have freed us from one another's tastes, they have also driven us from sharing in the experience with one another. MVE of course is never going to provide the reality of sitting down with friends to enjoy Shark Week, but maybe we are getting back a little of what we have lost.

Over to you:

Does MVE provide a better TV watching experience?