Tesco create a QR code enabled "subway" m-commerce store

We have all had that moment of being stood in front of a set of train doors, or on a platform, or in line for the bus where rather than checking Facebook for the umpteenth time on our phones, we wish we could be doing something a little more productive. That insight, mixed with market intelligence is what led Tesco in Korea - to create a "Subway store".

Using billboard posters, emulating the shopping experience of walking down a supermarket aisle they have created a store that can be shopped using QR codes, scanned from your smart-phone. We have seen an explosion in QR codes in the publishing and events space, from delivering additional content from Wired to getting scannable tickets at the cinema, but few have made them successfully implement in the UK in the shopping environment, mostly due to the slower adoption of smart phones.

This seems like the obvious next step for QR codes and mobile commerce, the technology is now there and consumer adoption is growning - but will it take one of the bigger players - Tesco maybe - to bring it to the mums and the masses?

Over to you:

Have you actually bought something as a result of scanning a QR code?

How much do you shop by mobile?