The Difference Between Value & Achievements

Your value and your achievements are not connected. Get this into your head, because I can't help but feel I see a lot of people around me not getting this. You can see it in the colleague who is constantly striving for the promotion, who never seems content, the friend who clings to their accolades but longs for approval, this is not what we are called for and we need to break a bad habit here and now.

There is a fundamental difference between achievements and value.

Your achievements can be listed, counted up, torn apart, taken away, can fail, can be outdone by another.

But your value - you value is who you are. It's what you bring to the table, it's your character, your loyalty, your dependability, your accountability, your patience, your intuition. This is what people buy, follow and adore. Not what you have racked up, but the ingredients that make you, you.

You are not your job title, your position, your rank, you pay grade, your bonus package. And your value cannot be described of analysed through the lens of these things. Your value is what drives you forward and drives people to follow you when you go there.

This is essential in business, to know this, and to cling to it. There is a saying in the video gsmes industry that you are only as good as your last game - your last title. If we take that mentality and prescribe that to us as individuals then we soon forget that we still have value to add, because we must detach our own value from what we produce or achieve.

We in our human-ness (which forms the basis for all business, family or relational decisions) fall down, fail, make mistakes, are hard done by, can be cheated and outdone. So by that very nature we will have successes and failures, and we must prepare ourselves for such peaks and troughs. But we must never marry these these things to our value.