TweetManager - Filter or MegaPhone?

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It seems to me that if someone is only using tweetmanager to auto-follow other tweeters, then they really have missed the point. Twitter is not about just building up followers for the sake of numbers, or assumed popularity. It, like all other social platforms, is about engagement. Active, personal engagement, from one user to another, or many others.

Yes, TweetManager has some useful functionality, Feed being an obvious one, but do we really want people following us for the sake of it? I don’t think so. Twitter in recent weeks, thanks to the likes of @wossy and other celebritwitters is heading main stream, and as many of us early adopters feared, heading in the direction of advertising, propaganda and “noise”.

This is inevitable, any good idea will always be plagued by it’s own success, so lets not get bogged down in it. Well done to all at TweetManager for creating a very useful tool, DualManage, Feed, and to an extent Auto-Reply are helpful additions. However maybe seeing an additional tweet tag #TM (tweet manager) would be helpful for those of us who only want geniuinely interested followers, filter out this “noise” that everyone else seems so worried about.

Got to go now @wossy is at it again…