Bringing your social life to life: Intel Museum of Me

If you ever wondered what it would be like if your life was turned into a museum exhibition then stop right now, put the credit card away and cancel that space at the Haywood - Intel have sorted it. Their new Museum of Me App - using Facebook connect, will visualise your social life as documented by your activity on the social network - and present it in a video of people wandering the halls of your life exhibit.

To quote Mashable on this one;

It’s kind of a creepy. The museum setting does make it seem a bit like you’ve passed on. And having your Facebook “experiences” stand in for your real life is sobering because it’s so sterile, especially when applied to the museum motif. And to top off the creepiness: There’s that music. The experience might make you reconsider your Facebook activity. Do I want to be remembered mostly for once having Liked a Louis C.K. video?

I see what they are getting at here - there is a slightly distanced element to the whole thing - but personally I found the experience quite moving - seeing friends faces amassed in a beautiful collage, seeing old "Likes" and videos you have shared recompiled in a crisp installation felt less narcissistic to me - and more of a spiritual reflection.

Having now been on Facebook for nearly 6 years, and being part of a generation of people who have been cataloguing life through it's servers (as scary as that may be to some) gives a great opportunity to reflect on one's past - to such a level of detail that before the site's dominance would just not be possible. Friends, relationships, loves and losses - it's all there, and the ability to scroll through and reflect on our own personal histories is a very cathartic and I think healthy experience.