How Flexible Displays May Change Finally Crack eReading

One of the complaints often thrown at eReaders by avid book lovers is there lack of that tangible feel of paper - that rustle of the turning page. Well all that may be set to change for the better is these flexible displays go into mainstream production. With the ability to bend like paper, using a clever set of resistance based sensors, the display can use different "bend gestures" to operate the display.

This, if implemented say in a flexible Kindle (I'll take the copyright for that Amazon - thanks) may evolve into flicking the corner of a page to advance a "location" in a book, or a simple bend could switch the track or shuffle the songs you are listening too.

Over to you:

Have you taken up using an eReader?

Is the experience close enough to reading on paper to make you switch?

What other clever things could be done with bend gestures?

The Review: 3 Things To Kit Out Your iPad or Macbook This January

The Review: Coming Soon - Email the dreary month of January you may be finding work just that little bit more taxing, and sometimes no matter how good the kit you have to do the job, you might feel you are in the need to do a little (cue Westwood style voice) "Pimping" of your Mac or iPad? (Clearly other tablets and PC's are available but not worth mentioning here). So here are 3 great little gadgets to do just that:

1. The Stylus: HardCandy Cases iPad/TrackPad Stylus

Stylus' have come a long way since the days of your Prism or Palm Pad of yesteryear - this little looker from HardCandy does the job twice over - giving a smooth and comfortbale prodding positions withe stylus end, matched with a quality rollerball at the writing end!

This product, when teamed up with an App such as Muji's "Notebook or Penultimate - makes for a perfect combo - meaning drawing or doodling, or even making handwritten notes on the iPad is a sinch. Take the stylus to your laptop trackpad and you get a similar effect - effectively turning your trackpad into (a small) graphics tablet!

All that coupled with the fact that the rollerball uses standard sized refills, meaning no hunting around WHSmiths for an age trying to find a replacement means your Mac and Moleskin will be equally pleased with you.

Thanks to GearZap for providing the stylus for review: which can be purchased, along with other's for PC's and Tablets at

2. The Headphones: V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones

Headphones are something not to be skimped on. Have worked in radio and music production I can assure you so many people underinvest in decent "cans". These overhead bass machines give great rounded low notes, without the tinny high's that is often found in other brands.

What's most impressive about the Crossfades is the attention to detail paid by V-Moda, not missing a trick. With every pair comes a luxurious moulded travel case, 2 detachable headphone cords (one with iPhone controls, one without), 1/4 inch jack for DJ decks and carribeana to (as I did recently) attach the carry case to other luggage.

Not to mention they look good and come in a great range of colours too.

3. The Speaker: Logitech Laptop Speaker: z305

As much as I love my MacBook Air, the one thing that I miss is robust speakers, particularly if using Spotify playlists at a party or whilst travelling. The new Logitech Laptop Speaker z305 has pretty much fixed the problem.

Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305

Powered by USB (which neatly wraps inside the unit), with it's own carry case and at 13" wide and not more than 1.5" square at either end, this makes the perfect travel companion to re-release the tunes.

We regularly have this blaring out music in the office from my little tiny Mac!

So there you go - some tasty treats to kerb the gadget cravings... well for another couple of weeks anyway.

The Review: Scosche iDR655m Earbuds for iPhone

The Review: Coming Soon - Email Review makes it return with a whole bunch of Autumnal tech to wet your digital appetites over the coming weeks, kicking things off today with these little lads - the Scosche IDR665m Earbuds - designed to work beautifully with your iPod, Pad or Phone (and I have found even controlling iTunes through your headphone jack on your Mac). Set in stainless steel and black plastic, complemented brilliantly by tangle free cord, these have very nice form factor indeed, over-stepping similar models from the likes of Sennheiser or Sony, however at RRP of £79.99 maybe will feel a little pricey for some folks as Mr Osbourne wields the cutting axe.

Sound quality wise, high notes sound great, and although these are only sound isolating, not noise cancelling, even in the busyness of the northern line you will be able to enjoy great treble with little distraction from the outside world. The bass in these is succulent (as good as it gets for an ear-bud) - providing warm pounding notes from Coltrane to the Dead Weather.

Well worth checking out if you want something that will give you sleek style and sound, as well as being able to punch back and forth through your new and noteworthy playlist with the click of the handy in-line control. This plus the handy little sheepskin pouch to keep them snugly wrapped up and a whole handful of different silicone ear moulds to fit even the most oddly shaped ears make this a great little setup.

The Scosche IDR665m are available from for £79.99

The Review: Getting close with the Zooming Fuji HS10

The new Fuji HS10 is one of a number of recent "bridge" cameras to hit the market that sports a super zoom lens- in the case of the HS 10 a whopping 30x magnification! Providing the sturdiness and lens quality of a SLR with the ease of use or a compact is no mean feat - the Fuji certainly delivers in both areas, with some neat additions along the way, not to mention the zoom - did I mention that?! 30x!!

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The Kodak Playsport is fearless!

the technical low down - simply put the PlaySport gives as good as it gets, packing full 1080p video shooting, Image Stabalisation, 3x Digital Zoom and also a 5 Mega Pixel still camera to boot. But the main appeal if the PlaySport is it's rugged design.

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The Review: Griffin Elan Sleeve, iPad Case

The Review: Coming Soon - Email In the delirium of buying my iPad, I (like many other happy campers) flocked to the altar of Apple for a case to protect my new "Magical" product. Which was not an entirely bad idea. The Apple made iPad case is not all that bad. It's simple, does what it says on the tin. However one word that cannot be assigned to it is "inconspicuous" - mainly due to the big old Apple logo whacked on the front. This means, that if you are like me and don't fancy getting your last pay cheque nicked on the tube or bus, you will need to carry the iPad in a bag or cover - AKA - Not Practical.

So enter a more luxurious and professional (and discreet) alternative - The Griffin Elan Sleeve

The Griffin case is very well put together, making Faux leather actually look quite good, which is hard to do. It uses a sliding mechanism built into the security strap allowing you to give a gentle tug on the strap and it will lift the iPad out of the case, which from there  you can slide it out quite easily.

There are obviously a few trade offs that you have to accept when using a Sleeve style case - the main one being, that whenever you take the iPad out of the case to use it, it is instantly unprotected from drops or scratches, however the case feels fairly well padded so when the iPad is in the case it feels fairly well looked after.

All in all, one of the better cases in this area that I have seen, and for £25 one of the best value for money!

Here are some of my own shots of the case:

(Disclosure: Thanks to @griffintech and the guys at Beam Agency for sending me the case to review, along with some other lovely Griffin tech which will be here on The Review soon!)

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Coming Soon: The Review

The Review: Coming Soon - Email

Gadgets, Gizmo's and Good Stuff

For those who have followed this blog or me for any length of time, it won't hit you as a suprise when I say I am a bit of a technology freak. I have recently had my iPad and iPhone 4 surgically connected to my hip, and can't seem to pass a Micro Anvika or Apple Store without walking in to have a nose around.

So I thought I would put all this enthusiasm and energy to good use and start up a gadget and gizmo section here on the blog, so I can give you my opinion on this stuff in a more clear way!

If you are reading this and have a product or accessory that you would like me to take a look at, please shove me an email to and I will promise to get back to you.

I will also from time to time take a look at iOS or Android applications, software and social media sites in this section also, so if you represent any of the above feel free to get in touch.

Coming Soon on The Review

I will be taking a look at some handy accessories for keeping your iPad powered up and in tip top condition, next week, including some exciting new additions from Griffin Technology.

The following week we will be turning our keenly trained eyes on the best iPhone 4 cases on the market!

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