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When I originally started this blog under the title of Sunday Latte Lamentations, it was always meant as a little outlet. Somewhere for me to stow away my thoughts on the meaning of 42 and the secret to the universe. A place for contemplation, removal from the bustle of the day to day, and to frankly practice getting better at writing.

To most ends in the early days it served that purpose. And in some aspects continues to do so now. However a number of changes have happened recently which is giving me second thoughts about how best to continue to document these thoughts and feelings.

I am not about to write off (pun intended) the written word. I love words, I love writing, I love seeing language on a page take form, be that a physical or digital one for that matter. So it's not about saying that writing and reading are not for me. However time, editing, posting and frankly taking time to form a coherent argument can be somewhat cumbersome when you are writing online. Time is of the essence, and impact is important too.

What was once a pursuit of self exploration has transformed into an outlet of sharing thoughts and ideas for the benefit of others. There are many unwritten posts sat in my Evernote account, Day One journal and Wordpress Dash that never made it out into the open because I got too concerned with them being "good enough".

Of course good enough is a fairly odd concept when one writes supposedly for the pleasure of it, for an audience he is not really able to pin down or frame in many ways and for whom an editor is a figment of a somewhat over stretched imagination. So it does beg the question, why not post any old drivel anyway?

Well of course if you are reading this then you are a member of that audience, someone who has spared even a few minutes to absorb this little ditty, and so I suppose that question is one for you to answer not me. Why not? Will you think less of me for posting stuff that is not quite as good? Would you come back even though not every morsel set before you here is of Pulitzer winning standard? Sure you might. Equally you might not, and who is to say you should.

It's these thoughts (and certainly they are thoughts without conclusions as is probably by is point becoming painfully clear) that maybe other formats and outlets are a better for oral least should be considered.

I have a slight trouble buried deep in my soul with the idea of filming myself drivel on - about really any given subject. Audio may work better for, the radio background and the tranquility of the spoken word sits far better with me, but do people really to audio files they find strewn across the garbage heap of the web?

In the age where I among others have constantly banged on about content being king, maybe the better question is what type of content? And by content do we really mean knowledge and wisdom or the more McCluhanist thinking of mediums being the true message?

This post isn't brilliant is it... But maybe it's good enough. And maybe you will be good enough to share your thoughts below. Remember - I won't judge you.

How Chanel is enchanting luxury customers to recommend

I point out now this is not just an excuse to share a video of Keira Knightly - after all who needs an excuse? But rather this is to show you just how well Chanel, one of the world's most premium and carefully guarded brands, gets that it is all about enchanting it's customers into recommendation.

Premium brands need premium content

One of the criticisms I have heard from luxury brand managers is that using social media cheapens the consumer experience of the brand. By being too available, or too friendly through social channels, the allure and exclusivity of the brand is somehow degraded. This comment well may be valid, however Chanel clearly understand that there are ways of generating online recommendations and interest in the brand, through social channels, without detracting from the brand's premium feel. If the content is premium enough and the feedback loop to the brand is directing people back to the brand, then you can indeed do premium social comms.

Enchanting brands need enchanting stories

If you have bothered to watch through the full video above (or any other of the Chanel short films - emphasis on films there) then you already know that the reason these are so captivating is the narrative that they paint about the brand. Soft focus pulls, pastel hues and inventive audio motifs give us not only a visual story but a subtext of sexuality, playfulness and premium that Chanel own so well.

Facilitating premium recommendations

The trifecta here is how Chanel not only give you a great piece of content to direct others to, that tells a great brand narrative, but completes the DNA with a premium way of facilitating association and recommendation. The Chanel Facebook presence for Coco Madmoiselle (a part of the main Chanel Facebook page) is one of the most slickly produced brand pages I have seen recently, and to that end makes it a pleasure to "Like" it - giving users a very premium association and ability, through behind the scenes photos and video, to share premium recommendations too.

Over to you...

Have you been enchanted by any brands recently? Does Chanel's quality content guard the brand or cheapen it?

That Wedding Video - June 26th 2010

Here it is... the one you have all been waiting for. The Wedding Video (Highlight version - we won't subject you to the whole 3 hour Directors cut!)

Massive thanks to our videographer Paul for his brilliant handy work. Give me a tweet if you want his details!

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Barnardos Childrens Online Ads - Break the Cycle

http://tinyurl.com/56yeu3 Check out the above link to learn about the new Barbardos Campaign

teenage girl being hit in the head while eating at home

In an interesting use of video and interactivity, this new campaign from Bernardos invites users to "Break The Cycle" of abuse being shown on screen by clicking the stop button on the video, which launches into a full screen, high quality movie when clicked.

Enticing, brutal and provocative, the new campaign seeks to help children be brought out of cycles of antisocial behaviour, drug abuse and poverty.

Some Facts: (Source, YouGov.)

Research conducted by YouGov shows that:

  • just under half (49%) of people believe that children are increasingly a danger to each other and adults
  • 43% agree something has to be done to protect us from children
  • 45% think that children are feral in the way they behave.

A survey conducted amongst Barnardo’s young people – just over half of whom have been in trouble – found that most of them thought that young people get into trouble because of boredom and peer pressure.  

Of the 393 youngsters, aged between 10 and 23:

  • 44% said bad behaviour is encouraged when the media portrays their peers as misbehaving
  • 84% said young people get into trouble because of boredom
  • 88% said having more things to do and places to go might stop young people getting into trouble
  • 32% would go to friends for help if they were in trouble.

Shocking stuff really, as is the campaign videos, but well worth a look. From a media sense, this is doing nothing news, but is using something we have already seen in various incarnations, to great effect...

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